Why do charities pay for fundraising services?

In a recent article, I commented on a $1 fundraising model. In today’s post, I ask myself why do charities pay for fundraising programs and staff if they can have access to free turnkey fundraising platforms like PayPal or Philanthroper? Charities invest big money in raising funds. Save the Children for instance brags about only investing 6%

Charities on sale… $1 each

I just read a very interesting article from The Agitator : The $1 Fundraising Model. The article talks about a subversive fundraising approach, which is to encourage to only give $1 to a charity. The author uses chicago-based company Philanthroper as an example. The concept Philanthroper’s concept is simple: everyday,  they showcase one «deal»(charity) and ask

Can my coffee buy condoms and ARVs?

The fight against HIV/AIDS is very closed to my heart not because of celebrities and nonprofit’s intensive campaigns against the disease but because I know people who lost the fight. I would never say no to an HIV campaign because it’s a very emotional topic and I know how hard it is to live in

$Ka-ching!$ or the sound of the fight against HIV

It’s a fact: charities need our financial support to fulfill their mission. Being a loyal supporter is not easy. It means that you are financially committed to a charity but also morally tied to the people it services. This relationship can be open, sometimes complicated so you better make sure you are getting something from