Pick # 3 : Les missions opportunistes sont has been

Après avoir choisi des bénévoles compétents et des ressources humaines efficaces et payées à leur juste valeur. Pour créer mon ONG idéale, je ferais maintenant appel à une mission stable et une vision partagée. Cette étape est cruciale et devrait être prise en compte avant même d’avoir recruté du personnel et des bénévoles. Exemples des ONG

Save water, drink beer…not

In this article, I asked myself what can be done to reverse or at least limit water scarcity? I have to admit that I do not have the answer to this question, well at least a reasonable one. I know that water stress is a complex problem that not only deals with health issues but

Funk the system…

Blame it on the system How many times have we heard people blame «the system» for their misery? If we don’t have enough money to support ourselves is because of «the system». If we are under-educated and can’t find a job it is because of «the system». «The system» is corrupted, «the system» oppresses us. Even aid agencies