Bono knows how to make the F word sound sexy!

Today I got an email from Bono presenting the latest advocacy campaign on Famine in the Horn of Africa. What happens in Africa right now is a disaster not only a natural disaster (drought) or man-made (famine because it can be prevented) but also humanitarian. I cannot believe that we all the money we are

The most Active Social Networker is a woman!

On my way home from work today, I read the State of the Media: The Social Media Report – Q3 2011 by Nielsen. The report presents the latest (Q3-2011) stats on social media in the US and other major markets.  It’s a 15 page report by Nielsen, easy to read and very the charts are very nice and

Wealth made in China

Chinese National Bureau of Statistics released revised statistics on Asia giant’s 2010 growth rate from 10.3 to 10.4%. The 0.1% difference represents 321.9 billion yuan more than the preliminary released figure.  The Bureau now estimates China 2010 GDP at 40, 12 trillion yuan ($6.3 trillion). The primary sector – mainly agriculture – accounts for 10% of the wealth

Asian giants: Africa’s new BFFs

Trade between Africa and Asian giants has reached records levels in 2010. Bilateral trade with China was estimated at $114.8 billion while India was far behind – yet important – with $50 billion. Africa represents great political and economic opportunities. Africa as a promising market The African market represents some 862 million potential customers dying

Why do charities pay for fundraising services?

In a recent article, I commented on a $1 fundraising model. In today’s post, I ask myself why do charities pay for fundraising programs and staff if they can have access to free turnkey fundraising platforms like PayPal or Philanthroper? Charities invest big money in raising funds. Save the Children for instance brags about only investing 6%

Charities on sale… $1 each

I just read a very interesting article from The Agitator : The $1 Fundraising Model. The article talks about a subversive fundraising approach, which is to encourage to only give $1 to a charity. The author uses chicago-based company Philanthroper as an example. The concept Philanthroper’s concept is simple: everyday,  they showcase one «deal»(charity) and ask

Save water, drink beer…not

In this article, I asked myself what can be done to reverse or at least limit water scarcity? I have to admit that I do not have the answer to this question, well at least a reasonable one. I know that water stress is a complex problem that not only deals with health issues but